After years of struggling to get his career as an artist off the ground, Chris Janson says that his recent success is both an amazing and humbling experience -- and he realizes that none of it would have happened without the support of his music industry peers.

"... I’ve never paid attention to much, if people were embracing me or not, but it’s crazy to see the love and the outpouring over this last year," Janson told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "I don’t feel like it was generic or came out of the woodwork; I feel like it was real and real genuine.

"... To me, that’s what country music is about at its core, that’s what songwriting is about, that’s what this community is about," he continues. "I’m glad, at 29 years old, that I’m mature enough to recognize it. It makes you real thankful, and in turn, it makes you proud for other people."

The singer-songwriter is getting a big vote of confidence from Blake Shelton, who invited Janson to open for him at several dates on his upcoming tour, even though they only recently met.

"I was a part of a hunting trip with the Opry, and he was a part of it, too, towards the tail end," Janson recalls. "And, man, what a great guy, first of all. I really enjoyed getting to know him. The realest real deal I think I’ve probably ever met in an artist out there yet. I think it’s going to be a great tour."

Janson was also fortunate to hit the road with two major country names in 2015, Toby Keith and Luke Bryan -- "guys that I actually like, and guys that I actually respect, and guys that have been really nice to me," Janson notes -- which makes him feel well prepared for his shows with Shelton. In addition to sharing a label (Warner Bros.), Janson and Shelton also have several hobbies and traits in common, which Janson thinks will help him win over the country superstar's audiences.

"He hunts, he fishes, he says anything that he wants to, and he’s a great country singer. He’s a cool country dude," Janson explains. "So, I think that the "Buy Me a Boat" audience is going to be the "Boys ‘Round Here" audience. I think it’s going to mesh like peas and carrots."

A list of all of Janson's upcoming dates is available on his website.

Chris Janson Discusses Surprising Success