Chris Janson's debut album, Buy Me a Boat, finally has a release date -- and, lucky for his fans, it's not too far off.

Buy Me a Boat is set for release on Oct. 30, according to Rolling Stone Country. The album will feature 11 songs that Janson has either written entirely by himself or with a co-writer.

"I just write to write," Janson says. "I write songs I think are cool or songs that mean something to me. I focus on one step at a time. Write them first, then see how they sound ... Some make the live shows, some make the record, some don't ever get heard."

Having a release date for his full-length album is a huge win for Janson, who has been met with his fair share of roadblocks along the way. His country music journey started back in 2009, when he signed with Sony Music Nashville, but, after releasing just one single, he was dropped. In 2013, things were looking up for the Missouri native: He signed with Bigger Picture Music Group but he was again met with a hurdle when the label closed in 2014.

Determined not to let life get him down, Janson continued writing songs for some of country's biggest names, such as Tim McGraw and Joe Nichols, until he released the single "Buy Me a Boat." Releasing that song as his own turned out to be a great move, as "Buy Me a Boat" landed in the No. 1 spot on the iTunes country chart, has become a smash hit -- and, more importantly, landed Janson a deal with Warner Music Nashville.

And as for those obstacles that led him to this album? Janson says that he doesn't   "believe in roadblocks," he believes in "different directions."

The singer is currently keeping busy on the road; a list of all his tour dates can be found on his website.

Chris Janson Talks "Buy Me a Boat," Surprising Success

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