When Blake Shelton announced that Cher would be the mentor for his team on Season 5 of 'The Voice,' he admitted he was a big fan of the 67-year-old. But it turns out, the admiration goes both ways.

The rock music icon says she is impressed by how focused Shelton is on each person on his team.

"At the time that he's doing it he's giving it every single, everything in his body, you know?" Cher tells ABC News Radio. "He'd get up and start walking around but you could see it in, in the way his body moved that he was really, you know, reaching down deep to try to help these kids."

But just because they are fans of each other, personally and professionally, that doesn't mean they just swap compliments all day long. "Blake and I never stopped busting each other's chops the whole time, and I'm much better at it than he is," the songstress says.  "And so, he got the worst of it almost the whole time."

The 'Mine Would Be You' singer says working with Cher holds special significance for him.  “I lost my dad a year and a half ago,” he explains. “And my dad’s favorite artist on Earth, bar none, no question, was Cher. My dad worshiped Cher."

Shelton has won the last three seasons of the hit reality TV singing competition. 'The Voice' airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.