Chelsea CrowellA few weeks ago, Rosanne Cash released her latest album, 'The List,' based on songs from a list given to her at age 18 by her father, Johnny Cash. The list was intended to further Rosanne's education in country music.

Now Rosanne's daughter wants her own list. Chelsea Crowell, who is just about 10 years older now than her mom was when given "the list," called her up a few weeks after the Rosanne's album was released and asked, "Where's my list?" According to the Toronto Star, Rosanne says, "I've started thinking about that."

But Chelsea didn't wait for her mom's answer to record her current album. The daughter of Rosanne and singer/songwriter/producer Rodney Crowell partnered with Loney John Hutchins to produce a 12-song self-titled CD. Chelsea, who wrote all the songs on the new project, describes It is a mixture of country, soul, folk, jazz, family, heartache and time travel -- a cross-section of Americana, which should come as no surprise to those who know her background. "I'm a third-generation songwriter with a lot on my mind," is how Chelsea describes herself, adding that her songs are "country, alt-country, traditional, folk, pop, rock, historically accurate yarns."

Born in Nashville, Chelsea, was raised there and in New York City. She's also called Memphis and Charleston home, Now living in Nashville again, Chelsea was a member of a band called Jane Only (Jane is her middle name), and when that group broke up. she started working on her most recent project. But like her mother, an accomplished author, Chelsea's creativity is not limited to songs. She also writes prose and has studied photography at Memphis College of Art.

Proud parents, no doubt, Chelsea's dad Rodney not only posts a link to her album cover on his webpage, he's also featured on the record. And in her interview with the Toronto Sun, Rosanne says, "My daughter is making her first album, and I realized, 'This is an ongoing story in my family. This is what we do.' It's not just me following my dad; this goes back a long way, and hopefully will go forward a long way."

'Chelsea Crowell' is available now on her official website.