The Boot rounds up this week's most memorable quotes from country stars.

"The tour is called the Paisley Party, so we just wanted a third party." --Brad Paisley, on why he's releasing his new album on Election Day (Source: ABC's 'Good Morning America')

"This election is full of a bunch of unknowns ... I haven't decided on either candidate yet. My hope is that whoever does get in, we quickly learn about them, and they take us in a positive direction. --Blake Shelton (Source: Dial-Global)

"To be my man, you have to put up with a lot ... I toot under the sheets, I spend a lot of money and I can belch the ABC's." --Jessica Simpson (Source: PEOPLE)

"I don't like self-titling things ... I think that's lazy. I mean, they know whose CD it is, the name's right on it." --Carrie Underwood, on why she'll never have an eponymous album (Source: Cincinnati Enquirer)

"I'm such a big Carrie [Underwood] fan, and I think 'All-American Girl' was going to actually be in my set, believe it or not. My band always laughs at me, because I told my band leader that if I walk into rehearsal and they can't play 'All-American Girl,' everybody's fired." --Darius Rucker, in an interview with The Boot

"That's perfect! I wanna encourage people to 'get it on' all around the nation." --James Otto, on being dubbed 'Country's Barry White' (Source: Dial-Global)

"Sometimes you handle it gracefully, and sometimes you think, 'This really sucks,' and sometimes you think, 'How can I be this age? I feel like I'm 30!'" --Martina McBride, on turning 42 (Source: GAC)

"You know me, I'm never going to be just any one thing ... I'm just Dolly. I may do a gospel album next. I know I'm going to do some children's CDs ... It may be a country album next or it may be something completely different. I may wind up doing a dance record! You just never know." --Dolly Parton (Source: The Birmingham News)

Last Week's Small Talk

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