Chase Rice has previewed a new song off of his upcoming album, 'Ignite the Night.'

Following the success of 'Ready Set Roll,' Rice has previewed 'Gonna Wanna Tonight,' one of only three songs that he didn't write for the album. The tune was penned by Shane McAnally, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins, and it follows a tried and true country music theme, but Rice says he's okay with that.

“People talk about how they’re tired of hearing, get a girl in your truck, drive her around, take her down the dirt road, however you word it,” he tells “I brush that off real quick. Trust me, these people I’m seeing at these shows are doing that. And they’re doing that because that’s their life. I’m singing about it because that was my life before I was touring all the time.”

Rice says the song will probably be his next single. For the North Carolina native, it speaks to the truth of what it's like to live in the country, and he says that every guy is wondering if the girl he's with is 'Gonna Wanna Tonight.'

“He’s praying the whole night that she’s going to have the same vision of the night as he does," he states. "In this particular song you’re basically just saying to the girl, ‘Girl, I hope you’re gonna wanna tonight.’ It’s a fun anthem chorus that gets real big. It’s not the same rockin’ melodies that I’ve had. It’s a little bit softer side.”

'Gonna Wanna Tonight' is available on iTunes and Amazon. 'Ignite the Night' is set for release on Aug. 19, and is available for pre-order here.