What do you get when you combine a cabin, a gorgeous girl, a sweet dog and a romantic campfire? Chase Rice's video for his current single, 'Gonna Wanna Tonight.' Rice is premiering the clip on Jan. 21, but he's offering an exclusive first look to The Boot readers.

Just as the song shows off Rice's softer side, the music video looks like it will be romantic with a capital "R." In the teaser, the singer explains that the setting for the video just feels right.

"I feel like I could be in it right now," he says of the video set. "It takes place out in the country. We have an awesome dog, we're out by the campfire, I'm chopping wood, trying to be all manly."

Rice also notes that there's one visual element that he's particularly happy about: the appearance of his truck.

"I'd like actually to involve that '85 truck in every video I ever do," he says. "If there's a truck in the video, I want that to be in it."

The 28-year-old Rice has been a busy guy. He released his freshman album 'Ignite the Night' last summer, and before the holidays, he wrapped up an extensive three-month tour. With this hot new music video in his repertoire -- not to mention his opening slot on Kenny Chesney's Big Revival Tour -- he shows no signs of slowing down, and fans are "gonna wanna" keep their eyes on this talented country artist.

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