Chase Bryant has been out on the road for much of December, but there's no way he'd miss out on his family's Christmas Eve tradition.

"[We eat] Mexican food every Christmas Eve," the singer tells The Boot. "My family lives down in South Texas, close to Mexico, so we do that every year. It’s the one thing we do: tamales, all that fun stuff."

Bryant's latest single, "Little Bit of You," from his self-titled freshman album, is making a splash on the charts. With lines such as, "Got my wheels pulling off that highway / My headlights pointing down your street / I got your song cranked up on the radio / But you ain't singing sitting next to me," the song, written by the artist along with Derek George and Ashley Gorley, was inspired by his former girlfriend.

"It was a girl in California I was dating for a couple years. I’m single now, but that was kind of what was going on at the time," Bryant explains. "I was on the road and back and forth in Nashville, on the road and everything else, so it’s hard to say I can go all the way to California. You can’t just hop on a bike or drive there in the middle of the night. It was a little rough, but that’s kind of where it came from -- wanting that person, or wanting a little bit of that person."

"Little Bit of You" is available for download on iTunes. Bryant is among the artists set to play Country Jam 2016 in June.

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