Today, Charlie Daniels can do something he hasn't been able since he was seven years old: see without glasses or contacts. WKRN-TV/Nashville reports that the 75-year-old country legend underwent Smart Eye Surgery, a new procedure to restore eye sight, this week.

"I'm going to get started out here and be able to see without glasses for the first time in 68 years," he told the TV station. "I'm just looking forward to not having to reach up and pat around the table for glasses when I get up in the morning to see where I'm going."

The 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' singer is among the first group of Tennesseans to have the Smart Eye Surgery. "With the revolutionary ORA System, a cataract surgeon can now, for the first time, individualize and customize the treatment based on the state of the patient's eye once the cataract has been removed," said Dr. Ming Way, who performed the operation.

The result is a faster recovery time, allowing Charlie to have his left eye operated on Tuesday (April 3) and his right on Thursday (April 5). Dr. Wang explains how this is possible: "We can actually do mid-flight adjustment on the operating table, before surgery is finished, to test drive to see how well, this particular patient's body, in this case Mr. Charlie Daniels, is reacting to the lens implanted."

If you're planning on seeing the stellar musician next Friday (April 13) at his Mahnomen, Minn., tour stop, make sure you wear you're Sunday best, because he's guaranteed to see ya! Get a full list of Charlie's tour dates here.

Watch Charlie Daniels' 'I'm Working on a Building' Video

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