Charlie Daniels suffered a devastating fire last week in his barn on his ranch just outside of Nashville, causing the loss of 11 horses, a bull and several pieces of farm equipment. The 74-year old music icon was in Colorado when the fire occurred, and says his staff and friends quickly rose to the occasion, offering their support and assistance.

"My business manager, J.B. Copeland, immediately got on the phone to the insurance company to let them know what had happened, and my publicist, Paula Szeigis, issued a media statement, and others in my organization were standing by, a phone call away if they were needed," Charlie says in a statement. "I'm not bragging, I am simply stating a fact. My people are the best and there's nobody I'd rather have watching my back."

"There was nothing anybody could do as attested to by a picture my son, Charlie, Jr., sent me on his cell phone. The barn and everything in it are a total loss," he continues. "By far my biggest regret in the whole situation is the eleven good horses and the one Corriente bull we lost in the fire. We lost all three of our stud horses, one representing our foundation bloodline, and a mare that was in foal with a colt we really wanted, but if they'd only been nags I would have regretted the thoughts of my horses burning in a barn fire just as much."

The losses extend far beyond Charlie's beloved animals. "We lost both tractors, all our saddles and tack, a dually pickup and horse trailer, quite a bit of hay and feed, and no telling what memorabilia we had left there over the years," he explains. But, while he is saddened by the irreplaceable items, the musician insists he is optimistic about the future.

"We will rebuild, we'll replace the hay and buy new saddles and build back our bloodline. We'll replace the tractors and tack and all the other things that are necessary in the operation of Twin Pines Ranch," Charlie insists. "There will be new colts and calves gracing our pastures next year ... The sun will rise, the moon will set, the rain will fall, the grass will grow, the creek will run and Twin Pines Ranch will have a new barn. God is in His heaven, He is in control, and He loves us and will provide for our needs. And that's all we need."

In addition to spending the next few months rebuilding his barn, he will also find time to play several shows for his fans. See Charlie's tour schedule here.