A Westerly, R.I. court has dismissed the misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges against the three individuals arrested outside Taylor Swift's Rhode Island home in June.

Michael Horrigan, 29, Tristan J. Kading, 28, and Emily E. Kading, 26, appeared separately before Judge Madeline Quirk, who dismissed the charges, on Thursday (Aug. 7), according to the Westerly Sun.

Each had pleaded not guilty on July 11, after being arrested outside Swift's mansion for throwing beer bottles, yelling expletives and giving the middle finger to police officers on June 15. The singer was not home at the time of the incident.

“I just try to be safe and be conscious of people around me … It’s something you just have to deal with," Swift says of incidents like this one. "It’s the price you pay for getting to do what you love. You can let it take over your life and make you fearful all the time, or you can live your life in spite of it.”

To help get the charges dropped, the three out-of-state residents each contributed $100 to the Rhode Island victims of crime indemnity fund and did 10 hours of community service. They also have moved to have their records expunged.