"I am Invincible," the present single out by Cassadee Pope, has been touching the lives of many of her fans.

The song boasts many inspirational lyrics and has been serving as anthem for anyone going through a hard time. Because of this, Pope decided to make a video that captured the fighting spirit and determination of fans instead of making a traditional video. "I am Invincible" features fan's, instead of Pope, holding up cards of their favorite lyrics from the song.

With lyrics like "I am invincible/ I am unbreakable/ I am a diamond cut to last/ I am unstoppable/I am a hero," it is easy to see why fans not only had plenty of lines to pick from but plenty to draw their inspiration from as well. Fans of all ages submitted their picture and it seems that hundreds are featured in the powerful video.

"I am Invincible" will be included on Pope's sophomore album that she is currently working on. “I’m writing a lot and in the studio a ton, just getting a bunch of demos together and really comparing,” Pope tells The Boot. “I’ve written so much the past 8-9 months that my catalog is ginormous. It’s fun for me to kind of get to sift through and kind of get the best songs of the best.”

Cassadee Pope burst onto the music scene in 2013 when she released her first album, Frame by Frame, after winning The Voice in 2012.