Although she's still a relative newcomer to the country music world, Cassadee Pope's been around the music industry as a whole long enough to have built up a passionate fan base.

From her time as frontwoman of pop/rock band Hey Monday to the moment she was crowned 'The Voice' Season 3 winner, Pope's "Cassettes" have seen her through a lot.

"I've been through so many different phases, not even musically, but just in general as far as the ups and downs of success," Pope tells The Boot. "They've seen me with the band, and they've seen me go solo with no label or management and have me kind of bomb it, and then they saw me on 'The Voice', and they rallied for me."

That rallying included a cool digital camaraderie, as Pope's fans cheered her on from all over the globe.

"They came together, and they would have 'Voice' parties, and they would get on Skype and keep in touch with people In different time zones and keep them engaged and let them know what was going on," says Pope. "So they're like an army."

So, who came up with the name "Cassettes"?

"They came up with it actually," Pope says. "They all got together and started tweeting me saying, 'You need a name for your fan base, and we want 'Cassettes,' and I was like, 'Well, I'm naming you, so if you want that, great.' It's cute, I've gotten, like, little necklaces and bracelets with a little cassette tape on it."

Even before her fan base had a name and Pope had a platinum single in 'Wasting All These Tears,' she's been receiving trinkets from fans -- including something really extravagant. On Hey Monday's first tour -- "We didn't have any music out. It was a fan who saw some live videos of us," Pope says -- a fan brought her a Tiffany's bracelet.

"I tried not to take it, but he looked so upset that I wasn't going to take it that I couldn't do that to him, so I took it, and I still have it," she says. "He has stuck with me through it all. He's still a fan."

And for those who have been around that long, Pope says she does what she can to take care of them with tickets and meet and greet passes.

"They grew up with me, so I feel pretty close to them," she says. "I've been a fan of a lot of people, and I don't think I've gone to the extents that some of these fans go to ... but all I know is, they're giving me a job ... It's pretty cool."