Carrie UnderwoodShe hasn't decided on the wedding date yet, but piece by delicious piece, Carrie Underwood has been revealing little tidbits about what she wants for her wedding. That includes big hair and a lot of eyeliner, to compliment a white dress she's shopping around for.

"I want it to be pretty traditional. I think I want flowers on it -- not real flowers," she tells In Style magazine of the wedding dress she envisions. And as for the designer of Carrie's choice? "It'll probably be someone I've worked with before."

More tasty morsels of wedding details she's dreaming of: she wants lots of good food and an open bar, and she wants her little dog, Ace, to be her ring-bearer!

When asked after the People's Choice Awards what her 'Kodak Moment' in life was, the multi-platinum superstar took but a moment to reflect before gushing, "Oh, my gosh ... other than tonight? I've had a lot of moments -- winning 'American Idol' -- I see pictures of that still, all the time.

"But here's the moment I'm most looking forward to -- I plan for my dog to be in my wedding. I plan for him to be the little ring-bearer, having him walk down the aisle all dressed up in a tuxedo. I'm serious! That will be a Kodak moment."

Being camera-shy shouldn't be a problem for Ace, when he performs for that 'Kodak Moment.' The little rat terrier already has acting experience under his collar. Carrie featured her beloved Ace in her 'All-American Girl' music video, and also in her Fox TV holiday special last month.