Carrie Underwood's latest album, 'Play On' is just days away from its much anticipated release, and while fans will be anxious to hear all the tracks on the new disc, there's one cut that may have a few of the singer's ex-boyfriends wondering if she's singing right to them.

Carrie says in a radio interview (via CMIL) that 'Undo It' is "mean" and "horrible." She goes on to explain that the song is basically "telling this person that you wish you'd never met them. That's mean!"

Carrie goes on to explain the song's theme further, saying that the lyrics convey the message of 'I wish I'd never met you, my life was so much better before you. And I wish that I could take all of that back.'"

"We've all had stupid relationships," says Carrie, whose current romance with hockey player Mike Fisher seems to be skating along just fine.