Carrie Underwood seems quite happy with her boyfriend, Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher, though she admits she has a lot to learn about his sport. The singer says she might enjoy hockey more if it got a slight makeover.

"They need to make the puck neon pink, because I'm having a hard time watching TV and following it," she tells Chicago's US99 radio station. "Because I can't see very well anyway, and I don't wear glasses [or] contacts."

Previously linked to Dallas Cowboys quarterback (and Jessica Simpson's current beau) Tony Romo, dating an athlete makes sense for the sports-enthusiast. "I love going to any sporting event anywhere," Carrie says. "I don't care what it is, where it is -- I love it."

Carrie also enjoys watching 'American Idol,' the show that launched her career. And even though she won on the show four years ago, she still harbors some resentment about the experience. Refusing to disclose who she is rooting for this season, she explains, "When I was on there, famous people would come talk about who their favorite was," she says, "and if it wasn't me, I hold a grudge! I still can't watch their TV shows."

Saturday Night Live' Stories

    Carrie Underwood, March 24, 2007: "This is not a glamour magazine shot; it's a little off -- just different. She's not looking at the camera, there's an interesting look in her eyes."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    Justin Timberlake, December 16, 2006: "I was doing a lot of research on the old Andy Warhol 'Interview' magazine covers, so there's definitely that feel to it. It makes the image more dynamic, that's for sure. This seemed to have that movement."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    Janet Jackson, April 10, 2004: "We got the gardenias and the mic and lit it like that, and she was pleased with it. As a fan of Billie Holiday, she was honored to get into that role."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    The Killers, September 30, 2006: "I felt that sort of Western-y influence I wanted to give them -- a little deconstructed, maybe."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    Fall Out Boy, March 4, 2006: "They were so ... I don't want to say surprised, but I just was like, "Let's get everyone jumping up in the air." I think it's fun for bands to let themselves go, 'cause usually it's the same kind of thing."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    Beck, October 28, 2006: "He had puppets onstage during one of the songs.... They were using them during the performance, so how could you not use the puppets in the picture?"
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    Eminem, October 30, 2004: "That's actually one of my favorites. He's so soulful in his eyes, you know? He's done the show a few times, and I have a good rapport with him. He's very professional, knows his job."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    Gwen Stefani, December 9, 2006: "Using the space differently [by] having her lay down. There's no acrobatics or anything -- a very direct portrait. She's comfortable doing anything, I'm sure, but this seemed to work."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    The Strokes, January 21, 2006: "I shot them in a studio, and I live in [Manhattan's] East Village and saw this location I thought would be perfect, so I photographed the street corner and dropped it in."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

    Red Hot Chili Peppers, May 6, 2007: "They're very tight, like brothers. This just fell into place so easily because they were such a unit and work so well together."
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    Mary Ellen Matthews

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