Carrie Underwood is a seasoned pro at performing in front of live audiences. In addition to selling out concert venues all over the country, the songstress joined Brad Paisley in hosting the live broadcast of the CMA Awards for the sixth time Wednesday night (Nov. 6).

But while Underwood might be perfectly comfortable in front of a live crowd, she admits that her upcoming role as Maria Von Trapp in the live televised performance of 'The Sound of Music' is causing her a bit of anxiety.

“I think being in kind of uncharted territory because nobody’s done, or hasn’t done in a very long time, what we’re doing for ‘The Sound of Music,’ so I think that will be a bit more nerve-racking," she explains (quote via Taste of Country).

Still, the rehearsals for the Tony-winning musical do offer plenty of light-hearted moments, thanks to the seven young actors who play the Von Trapp children.

“I really like being around the kiddos and when we’re doing stuff together, they just make me laugh," Underwood says. "‘Do-Re-Mi’ and ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ are the ones that are a lot of fun for me because we get to just be silly.”

The Oklahoma native is already impressed by her young colleagues. “They step up and they’re such hard workers,” Underwood boasts. “It’s really cool to be around people like that and the fact that we are all being super brave and doing this live. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s been a lot of fun already.”

'The Sound of Music,' which also stars 'True Blood's' Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp, will air live on Dec. 5 at 8PM ET on NBC.