Carrie Underwood says she likes her music videos to offer a different perspective on the song, and feels they've been able to do just that with 'Temporary Home,' the second single and video from her platinum album, 'Play On.'

"I feel like a video is a new avenue," explains Carrie. "You can kind of take it somewhere else, because you hear the song, you hear the story, you see pictures in your mind already. If you follow it too closely, what's the point of having a video?"

Carrie feels they approached the video from a different perspective, but still kept true to the song's story. "It's kind of like one person on their way somewhere, which is a theme of this song. You're headed someplace, and then they kind of share these special moments with the characters. But through that, I felt like everybody's on their own journey, and we all cross paths. So I felt like it was close enough to the story, but ... just far enough away to where it kind of provided a different angle."

The Oklahoma native will definitely be performing the song when she heads out on tour March 11 in Reading, Pa. Click here for a full list of Carrie's tour dates.

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