Carrie UnderwoodZac Maloy has a permanent home in Nashville, after penning Carrie Underwood's current single, 'Temporary Home,' for the singer's latest album, 'Play On.'

"All of a sudden, the opportunities were just enormous in Nashville," the songwriter tells Tulsa World. Leaving his home in Tulsa, Zac decided to make the move to Music City, along with his wife and two children. "It is a business," he says, "and the music business is in Nashville."

Zac, who wrote the song with Carrie and Luke Laird, calls the Grammy-nominated beauty a "phenomenal writer," he says, "I'm really, really proud of 'Temporary Home.' It's one of my favorite songs that, maybe, I've ever written. It's just a great story." He says they came to the storyline by asking themselves, "How do we paint this picture? ... It's what I would imagine screenwriting partners do when they sit around talking about how they can make this story really hit home, to tug at people's heartstrings, but also, maybe, help them come to terms with some things in their lives."

Writing 'Temporary Home' was the first time Zac collaborated with Carrie, although she knew Zac's music from years ago. "She, as it turned out, was familiar with my old band the Nixons, and she broke the ice telling me it was one of her first concerts growing up and made me feel old, then we dove right into writing songs."

'Temporary Home' was released to radio last week, and is already climbing the charts. Carrie recently announced dates for her 'Play On' tour in 2010, with opening acts Craig Morgan and Sons of Sylvia.