When Carrie Underwood first received the demo for "Choctaw County Affair," the sixth track on her brand-new album, Storyteller, she didn't listen to it for a few days. She explains why in this exclusive cut-by-cut video.

The singer reveals that when the song was sent to her, the title "Choctaw County Affair" immediately gave her pause.

"My brain immediately went to, like, 'It's a cheatin' song -- you know, like, 'affair,'" Underwood explains, "so it actually took me a few days to listen to it."

However, once she did listen to it, she fell in love. Underwood reveals that the song has a certain "swampiness" to it, and recalls, "This isn't at all what I thought it was going to be. So I turned it up and got sucked into the story."

The "swampy" song was the perfect match for Underwood's rich vocals, and the fact that it delves deep into the adventures of a man and a woman makes it extra intriguing. Though it's a story-based song, it has an air of mystery about it.

"You don't really know what happened," the singer says. "There's still a lot left to the imagination, which I like, because I feel like people are going to fill in the gaps in their own way."

Underwood's 13-track record dropped Friday (Oct. 23). Fans who purchase Storyteller through CarrieUnderwood.fm will receive exclusive pre-sale access to Underwood’s 2016 tour, which will be announced soon. The American Idol winner spent the weeks leading up to her new project's release sharing some of its songs, including "Heartbeat," "What I Never Knew I Always Wanted," "Renegade Runaway" and "Little Girl, Don't Grow Up Too Fast."

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