At the young age of 32 and with a decade-long career under her belt, Carrie Underwood is at the top of her game. And she hopes it will stay that way, even at 50.

When asked about the career of Shania Twain, who turned 50 in August and spent her summer on tour, Underwood admits that it's tough to think about.

"I don't know," she tells The Boot. "It's hard to know what's going to happen next year!"

But, she adds, "I would love the opportunity to just keep doing what I love for as long as possible."

The American Idol winner is realistic about the rise and fall of fame, and the fact that success is never guaranteed, and she keeps that at the forefront of her mind.

"You just never know if [in five years] people are going to be, 'Oh, I'm sick of that Carrie Underwood. I'm done with her,'" Underwood says. So, as for the possibility of touring at 50, she adds, "I don't ever want to expect that I will be that fortunate, but it would be really nice."

The country superstar believes that it's important to pace herself and to spread her work out in a way that encourages creativity instead of stifling it.

"If you keep doing the 'make an album, promote the album, tour, make an album,' where do you get to grow, where do you get to be a human, where do you get to shift your focus for a minute?" she asks.

In fact, when others comment on Underwood's choice to "taking time off" -- for example, when she had baby Isaiah earlier this year -- she feels perplexed: "I'm like, 'I have?'" she says.

Rather, the singer is keeping her creative juices flowing by working on other projects -- not related to her country music career per se, but projects that are still vital.

"I still have a million things to do ... creativity isn't just about making albums, selling albums and going on tour," Underwood explains. "There's a whole lot of other things I get to do, like Sound of Music: Live! or making clothing and stuff like that."

Underwood's fifth studio album, Storyteller, is out now. She'll be co-hosting the 2015 CMA Awards with Brad Paisley for the eighth year at the beginning of November.

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