Carrie Underwood, Mike FisherCarrie Underwood may just be buying her soon-to-be hubby dinner after Sunday's heartbreaking U.S. loss against Canada in overtime in the Olympic hockey gold medal final. Carrie had originally bet her fiancé, Mike Fisher (a professional hockey player and Canadian), that the U.S. would beat Canada when the two first played over a week ago.

"I honestly didn't even realize that they were playing until my sister texted me and asked if Mike and I had a friendly wager going on," Carrie reveals to Country Weekly. "I asked him about a bet and he said, 'How about if the loser gives the winner a backrub?'"

When the U.S. came out on top, Carrie got her backrub and was reportedly considering doubling down to add dinner to the bet if the two teams met back up. Of course, now that Canada beat the U.S. to take the gold, it appears that Carrie may be the one springing for dinner and giving a rubdown to her Canadian husband-to-be!

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