Carrie UnderwoodYou can't spell Carrie Underwood's home state of Oklahoma without "OK," so perhaps that's why Carrie (who recently compared herself to a "big fat onion") felt it was safe to pull back a few layers and reveal some closely guarded secrets to OK! Magazine.

Things didn't start off too promising, however, when Carrie was asked about the last time she lied and responded cagily, "Me? Lie? Noooo..." Carrie did confess however that the last time she felt guilty was when "I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's a few nights ago. Bad girl!" She also admits to another food-related guilty pleasure, confessing enthusiastically that the last meal she'd like to eat before she dies is "Pizza! From my former place of employment: Sam and Ella's in Tahlequah, Okla. Best pizza in the universe."

Learn more about Carrie in the latest issue of OK! It's the one with "Taylor-squared" (that's Taylor Swift and actor Taylor Lautner) on the cover, with the provocative headline: "Yes! We're in Love."