Carrie UnderwoodShe's a country music superstar, and calls Nashville her home. He's a professional hockey player, and calls Peterborough in Ontario, Canada his home. But after they're married, Carrie Underwood and Ottawa Senators hockey star Mike Fisher will call everywhere "home," because they don't plan on settling down in one place or the other anytime soon, due to their careers.

"We'll be little nomads for awhile, until one of us retires," Carrie tells PEOPLE magazine.

Because of the demands of their separate careers, the newly engaged couple are already used to spending a lot of time apart and on separate roads. Carrie doesn't anticipate that will change anytime soon for either of them ... but she's not worried about it!

"Not being in the same room won't lessen our relationship," she continues. "We completely have faith in each other."

Once the couple does settle down in their permanent home -- wherever that may end up being -- Carrie is already visualizing herself and Mike raising a family together ... and she's already giving her beloved advance, glowing props for what kind of Dad she knows he will be to their future kids!

"Mike is amazing with children," she gushes. "He's so going to be a better parent! I'm not bad with them, but I didn't grow up around children, and he had brothers and sisters his age."

As of yet, Carrie and Mike haven't set a wedding date, but have said it will take place sometime this summer. Until then, they are focusing on keeping the planning stages 'stress-free' by leaning on a wedding planner to take care of details ... and talking and texting as much as they can to stay close, while traveling the separate roads of their careers.

Carrie makes her acting debut on CBS' 'How I Met Your Mother' on Monday. She is currently in Hawaii working on her movie role in 'Soul Surfer,' a movie based on the inspirational story of teen surfing sensation Bethany Hamilton, whose arm was bitten off by a tiger shark in October 2003.