Last night (May 10), Carrie Underwood appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and in addition to a light-hearted interview, the superstar paired with the show's host for a duet. Jimmy Kimmel introduced the tune, saying it was the, "aftermath of revenge," with Carrie adding that it's the sequel to "Before He Cheats."

The song, titled "Before You Freak" and its subsequent music video, answer the question, 'What if it wasn't her boyfriend's' truck that Carrie destroyed in the 'Before He Cheats' video?' You can see in the video how it goes down when Carrie's caught with her Louisville Slugger on innocent Jimmy's truck.

In addition to their hilarious musical collaboration, Carrie and Jimmy chatted about the country superstar's new CD, Blown Away. The blond beauty explains she's been following an album release ritual to ensure her place at the top of the charts.

"I've been in New York every album release, so we do our thing for the morning -- radio, TV, whatever -- then I always go and buy a copy," she explained. "This year I bought three. Then I went back to my hotel room and downloaded it on iTunes."

As for whether or not anyone recognized the cover girl during this shopping spree, she reveals that everyone in the store let her be.

"I rolled up with a posse, too," she laughs. "We had several people going, and we don't fit in in New York with our accents and giant hair ... They just thought some crazy blond girl was buying three copies of Carrie Underwood's CD. No big deal."

The conversation naturally turned to Carrie's song choices -- which can be a bit dark -- and if it ever makes her manly hockey playing husband, Mike Fisher, uncomfortable.

"My life is good and my husband is wonderful, and we're so in love and have this wonderful life, but nobody wants to hear that," she answered. "That'd make a terrible song."