Everyone knows Carrie Underwood can belt out a tune, but she recently proved she's no slouch when it comes to bowling either. The country superstar invited some of the country's top disc jockeys to join her for some fun at Nashville's Pla-Mor Lanes last week, just after her performance on General Jackson riverboat cruise honoring radio programmers from across the country.

"I thought it would be fun, and it's a more personal way to spend time with some of my friends in radio and say thanks for all they do for me," Underwood told The Boot in between hurling a 10-pound pink ball down the lanes.

Country radio staffers from all over the nation were in Nashville for the annual Country Radio Seminar, a conference filled with panel discussions, interviews, cocktail parties and tons of great concerts. Following the riverboat cruise, an annual event held by Sony/BMG Nashville, radio personnel went straight to the bowling alley, getting a chance to hang with Underwood -- taking pictures, getting autographs, and of course seeking a few strikes.

Dressed in jeans, white shirt and a black vest, the singer showed good form and shared a few laughs with the radio and record company folks. Her bowling pals signed a new bowling pin to provide their hostess a souvenir from the evening. "This is more fun for me," she told The Boot, confessing that she suffers from motion sickness and usually gets queasy during the annual riverboat excursion. "I am wristband free this year," she said earlier in the evening while still on the boat, referring to the wristbands she has generally worn to combat motion sickness. "I took a couple of Dramamine and I'm feeling good. The General Jackson is not going to get the best of me!"

After her performance, Sony Music executives presented Underwood with a huge plaque commemorating sales of 10 million CDs of her debut album, 'Some Hearts' and her sophomore effort, 'Carnival Ride.' She lost her composure, tears flowing as she thanked those in attendance for their support. "I feel like we should celebrate and when I want to celebrate, I go bowling," Carrie told the crowd, inviting them to join her for some fun on dry land.