In the past, Carrie Underwood hasn't held back singing songs about guys who have done women wrong. She has built her career with songs like 'Before He Cheats' and her recent chart-topping hit, 'Cowboy Casanova.' "I speak the truth," Carrie tells Allure magazine. "My guy's not a jerk, but guys in general ..."

However, the newly engaged blond beauty says that's starting to change, thanks to a certain professional hockey player. "[Being in a happy relationship] has already affected my song choices and my writing," she continues. "I think it's a good thing. I have more happy songs. I've never really done a love song, I realized, until this album ... I don't do feelings. I'm not a mushy person."

She may not be "mushy," but Carrie is the first to admit when Ottawa Senators star Mike Fisher popped the question, it was bordering on being just that. "To be honest, he could have put a twisty-tie on my finger, and that would have worked," she says. "He is the person that I see making me happy for the rest of our lives, and he is the person I would do anything for to make him happy. I very well may be the luckiest girl in the world."

Carrie is currently in the midst of her Play On tour with special guests Craig Morgan and Sons of Sylvia.

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