Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood adores playing dress-up and weaving a magical spell of glitz and glamour around herself. But that's only when she goes onstage. When she comes offstage, it's back to basics, something cute and trendy. And when she's traveling, it's totally chill, all about comfort.

"I feel like I can wear anything when I'm onstage," Carrie tells Lucky. "And I love playing around with makeup. "It's trial and error -- mostly error," she laughs.

The Lucky December cover girl says her fearless sense of stage style is inspired by country music's most famous fashionista, Dolly Parton. "I would never attempt to pull off Dolly's wardrobe, but her confidence is enviable. She always makes it work!"

When the lights go down and she comes offstage, the Oklahoma beauty's everyday look is young and chic, and pulled together with a touch of pure country. "I like pairing cowboy boots with unexpected things, like cute dresses. You can be 'country' and still be stylish," Carrie points out. "I would wear them regardless of what kind of music I sang."

But when she's on the bus and traveling, or at a laundromat stop on the road doing her own laundry ("Domestic chores make me feel at home"), Carrie's wardrobe is pared down to one simple, go-to comfortable piece of clothing.

"I love dressing up when I'm in front of a crowd, but in my downtime, nothing beats a great pair of sweats," she says. "Sweatpants from Victoria's Secret Pink are my main closet staple. They're affordable ... and they make nine-hour bus rides bearable."