Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood takes fans on a little fashion trip down memory lane -- from her high school yearbook through American Idol to "that dress" she wore onstage at the 2009 ACM Awards. You remember ... the miles and miles of satin, tumbling all around her in an enormous, undulating pool of crimson.

But let's start from the beginning, with Allure magazine's Carrie fashion photo gallery through the years. So who's that gorgeous teenager with all that tumbling blond hair in Checotah High School's 2001 yearbook?

"I mean, she's a different person," Carrie tells Allure (via CMT) with a laugh. "She's ... yeah. It was raining and I was mad -- my hair was a lot more curly than that ... and it fell out!"

Fast forward a few years and there's Carrie on American Idol in 2004, her long hair parted in the middle, all sleek and straight -- wearing flared jeans and a jewel-studded, hip-hugging belt.

"Yeah," Carrie deadpans. "I'm sure they picked the clothes. My hair's in between. It isn't straight enough to just blow it, dry and leave it. It isn't curly enough to just let it dry naturally and leave it. It's caught in the middle! But it holds curl really well and it stays curly. I can straighten it and it really doesn't fuzz up in the humidity. Earlier this year, I didn't highlight it for three months. It was bad. I'm blond, but it's more mousy."

And there's Carrie in gold lamé at the 2007 ACM Awards with Tony Romo.

"Uh ... next!" is her only comment.

And next is Carrie from the following year, wearing snug jeans and fitted black t-shirt emblazoned with 'Stand Up for Cancer,' next to Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Ciara and Fergie at Fashion Rocks in New York City.

"This was fun. Fun, fun, fun!" Carrie enthuses. "It was one song, just a big group collaboration -- these ladies, plus more. It was a really awesome moment. That's one of those things where you look back at that and think -- look at all those people!"

Matthew McCaughnahey, Carrie UnderwoodAnother awesome moment -- the 2009 ACM Awards, with Carrie in floaty layers of silver-edged chiffon, accepting the Entertainer of the Year Award from Matthew McConaughey -- embarrassing herself then apologizing afterward for quipping, "I want to see those boots, Matthew!"

"He told a big story about how he and his brother had convinced two women that they had George Strait's boots -- he was drunk, and they got lucky with them -- and I told him I wanted to see his boots ... in front of everyone," Carrie remembers, laughing. "It was funny. The dress might've been Roberto Ca-ca ... hang on ... who is it that sounds like that? Cavalli, yeah."

And in the same show, Carrie singing 'I Told You So' in "that" dress, yards and yards of billowing crimson, threatening to swamp the entire MGM Grand stage!

"Kind of like water, maybe?" Carrie hints, adding, "Like red water? That sounds scary, doesn't it! Maybe like lava. It's like lava. Or icing. Red icing."

No matter how you describe it, Carrie reveals getting into the dress had her seeing red!

"Oh, my gosh! It basically stood up by itself! I had to crawl in. I had to have people carry it. I didn't have to walk in it, I was stationary. But a funny thing happened afterward. The curtains were supposed to close, and then everyone would get on the stage to help me. Well, the curtains never came down, so I was just standing there ... and the host kept going! So I just started gathering it all up, and everybody started laughing!"

Through the years, Carrie's fashion choices have afforded her some unique honors. In 2008, she covered PEOPLE magazine's annual Best and Worst Dressed issue, deemed 'Best Exotic' in a plunging red Naeem Khan gown she wore to the Movies Rock event in Los Angeles. She's also taken home the Teen Choice Award for Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female.

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