Carrie Underwood 's powerful pipes closed out the season eight finale of 'American Idol' this week, but what was with those 'Hello Kitty' band-aids she was sporting while walking the red carpet before the show?

Although she was in fine voice, fans noticed Carrie was limping a bit during her 'Idol' performance of 'Home Sweet Home' on Tuesday night. She set the record straight during an appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, explaining that she'd injured her leg after falling during a three-mile run near her home sweet home in Nashville last Saturday.

"This nice lady was driving behind me," Carrie says, "She saw the incident and was nice enough to pull over and roll down the window and say, 'Can I take you home?' So I fought back tears and she took me home."

While Carrie says it was a minor scrape, she revealed that the jeans she wore while performing at the end of the show managed to aggravate the injury.