Although Carrie Underwood co-hosted the CMA Awards show with Brad Paisley, it was Brad who managed to deliver most of the night's funniest one-liners. He kicked off the night with this one good-naturedly directed at Carrie: "Some of the all-time great men of country have hosted the show, so I've got some massive, and I mean huge, boots to fill. And also, I believe Dolly hosted the show once, so ... good luck."

But he was just getting started. Here are some of the night's funniest quotes:

"Taylor Swift had to sneak out of the house tonight. She's got a huge math test in the morning, as well as a meeting with her accountants."

"George Strait has been coming to this show for years. He's seen so much happen over the years: fire, the wheel, a man landing on the moon, Sugarland when they were a trio."

"Kellie Pickler is singing a song that she co-wrote with her BFF, Taylor Swift. Just picture the two of them writing together. You know millions of teenage boys would give their left game-controller to get into that writer's room."

Introducing Nicole Kidman: "She's the woman who captured Keith Urban's heart ... and since they just had a baby together, I'm guessing she captured pretty much everything else, too."

Introducing Sugarland: "Just three years ago, they were a new group on the horizon. But today they have arrived in a very big way ... and yet they haven't changed one bit, except for the custom clothing, the giant bus, and I'm not allowed to make eye contact with them anymore. I'm kidding of course -- about the bus."

Introducing Kenny Chesney: "I'm sharing a dressing room with this next performer, and I am so sick of vacuuming up sand."

Entertainer of the Year Kenny Chesney, whose trophy was presented by Shania Twain, delivered one of the night's funniest lines of the night, telling her: "You look really good."

The funniest line of the night not delivered by Brad: "I'm glad this happened fairly early in the show, 'cause I've got to get Mam-maw's curtains back soon." - Jay DeMarcus joking about his flowery jacket during Rascal Flatts' acceptance speech for Vocal Group of the Year.