Carrie Underwood looked positively angelic on Thursday's "American Idol," as she sang one of the darkest songs she's ever recorded. (Watch the video below.) "Blown Away" is the title track of the Oklahoma native's new album and tells the tale of a girl who hides in a shelter when a tornado rips through, consciously neglecting to wake her mean, alcoholic father so that he can also get to safety.

"It's so visual and it's such a country story," Carrie tells The Boot. "It's such a visual song. You listen to it and you can see everything that is happening. It's so dramatic. I'm not a drama person, but when you can make a movie in song form in three-and-a-half minutes, it's surreal."

Watch Carrie Perform 'Blown Away' on 'Idol'
Watch a Video on Carrie's Dramatic Songs

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