Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood is the most successful 'American Idol' winner to date. And with the singing competition now back on FOX for a ninth season of memorable contestants and not-to-be-missed auditions (thank you, General Larry Platt for the getting the world to sing along to 'Pants on the Ground'!), fans wonder if Carrie will make another appearance this season. The superstar says she's up for it.

"It's great [going back]," Carrie told radio host Jeff Foxworthy recently. "A lot of the people who worked on the show when I was there still work there, so it's just like a big flood when you walk in the door -- just familiar faces and people you haven't seen since the last time I was there."

Carrie says that one of the perks of appearing on the show these days is that she doesn't have to face the judges. She also revealed to Self magazine recently that she has given her phone number to contestants in case they want to seek advice from her, and that and she's been known to gift finalists with dog-tag necklaces from Tiffany & Co.

One key piece of advice Carrie has for contestants, no matter where they are in the talent pool (and clearly some are foundering in the shallow end more than others!): "Don't over-think things."

That's great advice, Carrie, but until next week's shows, we're going to go back to analyzing the lyrics to 'Pants on the Ground.'