Carrie UnderwoodIt's been more than four years since Carrie Underwood took the title of fourth season winner on TV's 'American Idol,' but every time the superstar has an audience, she wants to feel like the phone lines are still open.

Carrie says, "I'd like to think I've grown since my days on 'American Idol,' but I still like to think that I'm still auditioning. Every single time that I'm on stage, maybe there's some people that are watching the TV show or the concert that I'm at, or whatever it might be ... maybe I'm still auditioning for them. Maybe I can still win them over. Maybe I can get them to vote for me still. I think learning that on 'Idol' has definitely stuck with me. And I think that's a really good thing." (quote via CMIL)

And when it comes to her valuable support system, Carrie says the people she surrounds herself with have helped her stay motivated and focused. "I'm so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life, it's not hard to find reasons to keep going, to keep doing what I love. People continue to ask me, 'With this album, do you feel pressure to sell more, to go higher?' And I'm just doing what I love."

Carrie also seems to channel her inner hippie love-child a bit, saying, "I'm just playin' on, truckin' along, just being myself and loving what I do ... goin' with the flow, and trying to keep up with everything."

Right on! Carrie's album 'Play On,' hit stores yesterday (Nov. 3).