As we celebrate Father's Day this weekend, country music celebrities talk about the memories they have of their dads.

Carrie Underwood has to laugh when she acknowledges how she knew her dad was proud of her: "My dad's the kind of person that most likely he'll never say, 'Hey, I'm proud of you,' or 'You're doing a great job,' or anything like that, but I catch him watching things that he's taped of me on TV. And I'd meet co-workers of his and they'd say, 'Your dad has pictures of you all over his desk.' Like, he was proud to the world but not so much to me."

Jason Michael Carroll admits that the best Father's Day present he can get would be to have more time with his kids. "They like for me to cook, or just sit down and watch a movie with them. It doesn't really matter what we do; what matters is that I'm there to spend time with them."

Lee Ann Womack grew up in the music business, as her father was a radio deejay in Texas. She says she was influenced by his musical tastes and his intellect. "He's very smart. Just by watching him read and the things that are important to him, that always had an influence on me," she says of her dad. "I wanted to please him, I wanted to be like him ... so I learned a lot of things about history and just from watching him and getting it sort of through osmosis."

Craig Morgan says that setting a good example is an important part of being a dad. "I try real hard to do the right thing, so that my kids see that and know that's the way we do business. The best way to teach these kids is by doing it yourself. If they see me yelling at their mama, they're gonna think it's OK for them to yell at their girlfriends. I think it's important that we lead by example."

Pat Green acknowledges that he's a chip off the old block. "I think I've kinda drawn from the same mud as my dad. Hey, what's right is right. Everything in moderation including moderation is my motto."

Big Kenny of Big & Rich has a three-year-old son, Lincoln. His advice for dads is very simple: "My only advice would be to stop for five minutes everyday and just breathe. Enjoy every moment with bliss, as these are the moments that will make the greatest memories of our lives!"

Jake Owen recalls his dad's reaction when he told his parents he was moving to Nashville. "I called my parents and said, 'I've thought a lot about this. I've played music five nights a week up here, and I just think that I need to move to Nashville. My heart's telling me that, my gut instinct is telling me ...' And just the pure fact that I had enough courage and goals and worked that hard already, my dad didn't even hesitate. He just said, 'I'm totally behind you. You go do it, man.'"