Perhaps no one is more surprised by Cam's recent successes -- a platinum single, a Grammy nod, multiple ACM Awards nominations -- than the singer herself. The self-described "very chill person" tells The Boot that she's "[surprised by] how much I can do."

"It’s kind of intense. I would much rather be on the couch, all the time," Cam admits. "But it turns out, I’m also agreeable. I’ll agree to do a lot of things."

But she still needs down time: After traveling to Australia, filming a music video, playing a rodeo, touring the West Coast and performing at the ACMs in a span of about five weeks, the artist admits that she was exhausted and ready for a break.

"I hit my wall. You cry, and then you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t do this anymore,’ and then you get a couple days rest, and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m fine!’" the California native explains. "But I’m really surprised. If you had asked me if I’d be able to pull all of that off, even my close friends would be like, ‘No way.’

"But I think when you care about something a lot, you do it," Cam adds, "and you get through it somehow."

As her latest single, "Mayday," climbs the charts, Cam's thoughts are on a new single -- although she doesn't know which track from her debut album, Untamed, she will choose.

"What I love to do is, obviously, consult people about it," she notes. "Even though I do get the final say -- it’s not one of those things where a label head tells me what to do -- but I love hearing what people think. I’m not going to pretend that I know better than everyone.

"There’s a different consensus among different people," Cam continues. "It depends on what you’re going for: Are you trying to be a No. 1 radio hit type of person? Are you trying to do something that stretches the genre? Can you do both at the same time, which is what "Burning House" did?"

The refreshing thing about Cam is, as that statement alludes to, her desire to focus on her music and not on the perks that come with country music success.

"I’d love to stay in that lane of not doing exactly what people expect and pushing [boundaries]. But not trying to be different for different’s sake," she says. "I have no deep-seated desire to be famous; that’s not what’s driving me, so if it’s something I don’t want to do, I don’t do it. Maybe it’s stubborn, but any choices, if you don’t like them, yell at me, because it for sure was my bad."

This summer, Cam is on the road with Dierks Bentley, on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour. A list of all of her upcoming shows is posted on her websiteUntamed is available for download on iTunes.