Bucky CovingtonBucky Covington's success as a runner-up on 'American Idol' helped launch his country career, and he quickly achieved several chart hits, including 'I'll Walk' and 'A Different World,' from his self-titled debut. He's been hard at work on the follow-up to that album, 'I'm Alright,' which is due out later this year and will include his new single, 'A Father's Love.'

Bucky also recently returned from a USO tour to Kosovo, Amsterdam and Germany, and will be burning up the road throughout the summer on tour all across the country. The Boot quizzed Bucky about his favorite celebrity encounter (one that left him more than a little surprised), his favorite set of wheels, and one thing fans might not know -- or should say "nose" -- about the singer.

What would fans be surprised to know about you?

I can't smell that well! I sound like Dewey Cox from 'Walk Hard'! I worked in a body shop for seven years. People will pick up on stuff way before I will. Which, trust me, is not a bad thing to have. If you're on a tight airplane and some little rascal lets one go, it doesn't really bother me that much.

Is Simon Cowell as scary in person as he seems on TV?

Everybody on TV has a part to play ... I think he's a pretty nice guy, I just don't think it's that hard for him to play that part!

You worked in a body shop growing up. What is your dream car and what kind of car did you drive in high school?

My brother and I shared an '89 Ford Ranger in high school. And a little after time, we got a '64 Bel Air three-speed on the column. My dream car is a '68 Camaro, and I now possess it!

If you only had one day left to live on earth, how would you spend it and with whom?

It would definitely be with my girlfriend and my brother, and I don't think it would matter what we did.

Who is your favorite superhero?

Superman ... because he had x-ray vision! Come on ... get it? I actually didn't get too caught up in the comic books or anything as a kid, but the Superman movies were the best!

Who's the coolest person you've met?

Billy Bob Thornton. I went to his house and hung out drinking lukewarm Coronas. This guy is the epitome of cool. We were talking movies and music, and he brings up the movie 'Sling Blade,' and I said, 'Were you in 'Sling Blade'? That was a great movie!' And he thanked me. I asked who he was in 'Sling Blade,' and he said, 'Carl.' I said, 'That's the main character!' I didn't even know he was in it! But actually technically that's a huge compliment to an actor, that I watched the movie, and I didn't know it was [him]! And he wrote the dang movie as well!

If you could invite five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would you ask?

Elvis [Presley] would definitely be at head of table -- you don't have to ask why. Jeff Healey was one of the biggest reasons I got into music, so I'd invite him. Johnny Lang, I'm a big fan of his, too. And Tim McGraw, he'd have to be there ... and Tim might as well bring Faith [Hill]!

What's one bad habit you'd like to quit?

I finally stopped the main bad habit I had for years. I used to smoke cigarettes and gave that up. I don't like bragging about it because people [will say], 'You weren't supposed to do it in the first place!' Well, that's true. I got to think of the next one I need to get rid of, because there's a few!

Do you collect anything or have any hobbies?

I collect dirt bikes. I've got a plethora of dirt bikes. I do have huge hobbies: I like to do anything outdoors, four-wheeling, dirt-bike-riding, boats, anything like that.

What do you miss most about being a kid?

Getting hurt and not taking so long to heal back! Used to be, if you woke up in the morning, you felt better. But now, not so much. I'm actually getting on smaller bikes now, so it just doesn't hurt so bad!

What is your biggest fear and why?

It would probably be losing my career. I've been very blessed to be able to do what I do for a living, and to not be able to do that would just suck.