Bucky Covington loves pretty much anything with wheels, so it's no surprise that during a recent concert taping for the 3rd Annual Fisher's ATV World reunion show in Pennsylvania, he and his twin brother, Rocky, took to their ATVs to compete against each other in an ATV obstacle course.

Bucky says he loves having a twin, but he's found that it means he has to automatically double the fun whenever he makes a purchase on something fast! "The bad thing and the great thing is that I have an identical twin brother. And that's really cool ... it's a homemade best friend from the word go," Bucky tells The Boot. "But the bad part about it is if I go out and buy a toy, I've always got to buy two of 'em! So that gets pricey after awhile! But we don't buy real expensive stuff. I buy everything used ... dirt bikes and whatever, usually pretty inexpensive stuff. Usually all it takes for us to have fun is a campfire and a cooler of beer, but sometimes you gotta have a dirt bike!"

Bucky actually had a little too much fun racing through the course, however, and took a spill head first after riding over some rocks and loose logs, according to Countryforever.com. But the daredevil still managed to get back on his ATV and win the race, head injury and all! "The best part about it was that at the age of 32, I head butted the ground like it owed me money ... and the first thing I thought was, I can still win!"

Following his win on the course, Bucky rode his dirt bike out onstage to get the crowd revved and ready for his show.

Bucky gets on his bike whenever he has a chance back at home, and he and his brother even built a track and filmed a video of Bucky on it for fans. "In Nashville we put together this little dirt bike track and we wanted to twitter a video of our track. So Rocky was following me on the four wheeler driving with one hand and filming me. And I was in front of him, and we're gonna show off the track. So we do that and then we get done and he shows the footage to me. That's what happened. But when you watch the video, it looks like Rocky's right behind me, saying, 'OK speed up a little bit,' like he's coaching me around the track. So I come out looking very amateur!," Bucky tells The Boot, laughing. "And of course when I say, 'No we need to do that again,' he says, 'I've already said that!' So Rocky looks good in this motorcycle video too. But the only way he could ever beat me on a motorcycle is cheat!"