Bryan Simpson, best known as the former lead singer of the band Cadillac Sky, is releasing a new album. 

The record, 'The Whistles & the Bells,' will be available on March 4.

The new set of tunes is the result of Simpson taking time away from music, after his sudden departure from Cadillac Sky. The result is his own personal journey in rediscovering himself and his beliefs.

“These 12 numbers, birthed out of that proverbial kiln, and held thru the stained glass filter that is the engineering work of the legend in making -- Vance Powell -- are kind of my fourteen year old musical fantasy league," he explains.

Simpson recorded the 'The Whistles and the Bells' in two days, but he says the entire process felt effortless.

“[I] simply approached the canvas and painted. Simple, though, is my mind’s greatest complexity.” he notes. “So it’s a little more Pollock’s 'drip paintings' than Picasso’s 'blue period' but maybe, ultimately, more Wile E. Coyote’s 'fake tunnel' renderings.'"

The album is not a solo album, but a group recording that centers around Simpson.

The new record's debut single, 'Mercy Please,' is already available. "I’d like it carved it on my gravestone. But I won’t hold the chisel on that day so I scratched it out on a napkin one Monday morning," Simpson explains to Rolling Stone.

The group have also premiered another track from the album, 'Transistor Resistor.'

'Mercy Please' is available for download here.

Simpson has gotten so many questions about his abrupt departure from Cadillac Sky, he decided to answer them in a mock interview staged as an interrogation from 'Casino Royale.' Take a look at that interview below.