After "doing their time" as an opening act, the Brothers Osborne are out on the road on their first-ever headlining tour. Although siblings John and TJ Osborne admit that there were some nerves prior to launching their Dirt Rich Tour in September, they say it's been a great experience so far.

"The tour’s going incredibly well," John Osborne tells The Boot. "We were a little bit nervous at first, because we’d never done something like that, and it’s a huge, huge undertaking. But people are coming out, and they’re crazy.

"We’re having the time of our lives. They’re singing all of the B-sides, which is something we’ve never really heard before," Osborne adds. "We’re just excited to get out there and keep going, because it’s the most fun we’ve ever had."

The Osbornes are being joined on the Dirt Rich Tour by Lanco and Lucie Silvas, who happens to be married to John Osborne. But even with stellar opening acts, the guys found themselves feeling a bit nervous before the tour kicked off.

"If people don’t show up, it’s all on your shoulders," explains TJ Osborne. "I equate it to having that Super Bowl party, and it’s, like, an hour before it starts, and nobody’s really shown up yet, and you’re like, ‘I think it’s going to be a good party,’ and then suddenly you’re kicking people out of your house.

"It’s been awesome to go out there," Osborne continues. "We’ve performed for a lot of people, opening for other artists and being on festivals, but this is the first time we’ve gone out and it’s been solely our crowd, and it’s been so fulfilling. All of the miles we’ve logged and the shows we’ve played and the dive bars we’ve dived in, too, it all paid off, and we’re going out, and the people are showing up, and it’s awesome."

A list of all of the Brothers Osborne's remaining tour dates is available on their website.