Brett Eldredge, whose first single 'Raymond,' reached the upper 20s on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, has already got a sweet gig this summer on Brad Paisley's H20 ll tour, but he's got something even sweeter on his mind: In between dates with Brad, he has a slew of fair and festival shows, and that means all the goodies readily available on the carnival midway. "You know those taffy machines that spin around? I'm a big taffy fan," he tells The Boot. "Or corn dogs with ketchup and mustard, and I'm good for the rest of my life."

However, the trim Brett admits he's able to curb his appetite most of the time and choose healthier options. "I'm actually a health freak," he says, adding one corn dog is usually his limit. "I like oatmeal and peanut butter and bananas."

But for those times when the Atlantic artist does overindulge, he has a regimen that snaps him back in shape fast, even if it can lead to awkward run ins -- literally. 'I run a lot of stairs," he says. 'So I go to a hotel, like at the Comfort Inn, and I'll be running stairs to the top and I'll almost knock some person over as they're walking out to get to their car and leave.'

Hey, you don't get named one of the Hottest Guys by People magazine without making a few sacrifices.