Brantley Gilbert's most recent album, Just As I Am, has been out for over a year, and while most artists would already be hard at work on their next album at this point, Gilbert isn't "most artists."

"We operate on a little bit of a different time schedule, I think, than anybody else," Gilbert told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "We just take our time.

"I’ve looked at a couple different ideas," he continues. "One idea that crossed my mind was an 'open book' idea, because I kind of am an open book: Between the tattoos and what comes out of my mouth, you know who I am real quick.

"We’re at the point now where I try to write continuously," Gilbert adds. "I’m at a spot right now where I wrote myself to the point where I got repetitive, so I’m on a little bit of a break so I can kind of air out and come back to the drawing board when I’m ready."

The Georgia native also reveals that he is considering an acoustic project, which would show people a side of his artistry that he hasn't revealed much.

"If I can tap into that [vulnerable side], which is a rare occurrence, but when I do, we’ve got several songs that will fit right into that spot," Gilbert says. "And I think it would be something different, and it offers people a completely different aspect of everything they know about me."

One thing is certain: The "One Hell of an Amen" singer will never rush through making an album, even if it might take him longer than other artists to get to the finished product.

"When the record process starts for me, I go through my entire catalog, every single note, every song, every idea," Gilbert explains. "A lot of times, on this last record, there were three or four songs that I started years ago and hadn’t finished. It just matched up. I’d been through more in my life and had more content. Of course, also, I do write or co-write everything that I cut. I don’t think I’ve seen enough of the good, the bad and the ugly yet. I hate to say that, but on the record, I try to cover all those things. Every emotion."

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