Brantley Gilbert isn't behind bars, but someone claiming to be him is in lockup. According to Fort Wayne, Ind., newspaper The Journal-Gazette, 25-year-old Thomas Michael Barth is charged with impersonating Brantley's agent and photographer, as well as the artist himself, to get more than $12,000 worth of goods.

Over a three month period, the Indiana resident received $8,000 worth of products and clothing from Warsaw retailer Robert's Signs, as well as $4,000 of musical and electrical equipment from musician Kevin Kyle of Winona Lake. He communicated with both via emails and text messages in order to disguise his identity. Warsaw Police say most of the merchandise has been recovered, and that they believe he was working alone.

Barth turned himself into authorities on Thursday, April 26, and was charged with two counts of felony theft. He was taken to Kosciusko County Jail.

While Brantley hasn't released a statement regarding Barth, the police department did acknowledge that the singer and his managers have received numerous complaints regarding the individual.

As for the real Brantley, who recently celebrated his first No. 1 hit with "Country Must Be Country Wide," he is currently on Eric Church's Blood, Sweat & Beers tour. Get a list of tour dates here.

Watch 'You Don't Know Her Like I Do'

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