Brad Paisley had himself a pretty decent 2011. Named one of CMT's "Artists of the Year," the singer, songwriter and guitarist released a huge album ('This is Country Music'), penned a memoir ('Diary of a Player') and toured all over the world.

While the country superstar is probably due for a rest, he recently told USA Today that he anticipates a 2012 filled with "intense creativity." The first place he'll prove it will be onstage, as next month marks the start of another world tour, Camobunga! 2012, which he's calling "very high-tech redneck."

"We've got some cool technology," Brad told the newspaper. "I like to take technology to where people walk out not sure how we did certain things. That's always a goal of mine. We've got a few of those in our bag of tricks. I got to see them the other day for the first time, and I was floored."

He also plans to start work on a new album -- Mayan end-of-days prophecies notwithstanding.

"I've got some strong possibilities for stuff that could be cool," he said. "If a few of them materialize, then I think 2012 is going to be not only the end of the world but a really creative Armageddon."

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