When Brad Paisley's wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, was recently asked by US Weekly about a rumor that the 'I Can't Change the World' singer was having an affair, she simply laughed it off.

In fact, she didn't even know there was a rumor when the magazine approached her on Thursday (Nov. 21) at the Fifth Annual African Children's Choir Gala.

"Am I in the National Enquirer?" she asked. "You're breaking it to me! What did I do?"

After she was filled in on the rumor that Paisley has been having an affair with his CMA Awards co-host Carrie Underwood, the 'Nashville' actress couldn't help but laugh, saying, "Are you serious? Wow! I hope it helps our careers! That's all I can say."

She went on to explain that the couple's family life, with their two kids Huck (6) and Jasper (4), is actually quite happy.

"We have family Sundays together," she said. "We spend as much time as we can. We're very down-to-earth people. We come from good families, and we appreciate family."

When asked what she loves most about her husband of ten years, Williams told the magazine, "His sense of humor. [He makes me laugh] not all the time, but when it's important!"