Brad PaisleyIn Brad Paisley's latest hit, 'Welcome to the Future,' he marvels at all the amazing technological advances that have happened since he was a young kid. But there are a few even more futuristic Jetson-style fantasies the singer would like to experience.

Brad tells Dial-Global that he thinks flying cars would be pretty cool, and he'd be the first to buy one -- provided that people could learn to fly them properly! "The flying cars would be great! I believe they've got them, they're just not gonna give them to us. You know they know how to do that. They're like, 'We can make that happen ... it's just these people, they can't even drive on the road, why should we let them fly around?'"

Brad's kidding about drivers on the road, he says, but he's serious about the flying car, so if you've got one for sale, you might consider contacting him.

"I'll buy one when they come up with it," he says, adding, "Until then, I'll just buy the ones that they make that go fast!"

And we know those are already on the market!