It may not be Brad Paisley's first appearance on "South Park," but tonight (April 25) the singer-songwriter and comedy enthusiast will make an appearance on the long-running show as himself, or at least a cartoon of himself. In October, Brad was invited to the "South Park" studio for a tour, which led to him voicing a few background characters for the episode they were working on.

"I am a big 'South Park' fan," Brad told The Boot. "I identify with people who have no fear in making fun of everything, so I've seen almost every episode. I think they're brilliant."

In tonight's episode, the entertainer is introduced in the first scene, which has him singing the national anthem before the Denver Nuggets basketball game. Later, he comes back for a duet with one of the show's iconic main characters, Cartman.


Brad was all a Twitter with excitement Tuesday (April 24), posting several pictures and comments regarding the experience. "Spent the day Sunday @SouthPark. You all might want to watch this Wednesday. So seriously," he posted with the picture above. That was followed by, "Signing my new 8x10 Headshot @southpark ...if I may say, I make a handsome cartoon. Well, you be the judge of that."

Catch Brad on "South Park" tonight (April 25) at 10:00 PM ET on Comedy Central.

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