Brad PaisleyWhen Brad Paisley received samples of the William Rast designer jeans line from the company's founder, Justin Timberlake, Brad -- being typically humble Brad -- was blown away.

"He actually called me to thank me for wearing them the other day, which was crazy," says the just-crowned CMA Male Vocalist of the Year.

But while that humility is endearing to fans, Brad wants to make one thing perfectly clear. "I'm not [perfect]. Absolutely not," the superstar tells CNN. "You can see that on Twitter -- first of all, the misspellings! My sense of humor gets me in trouble more than anything."

That sense of humor is what has led Brad to write and records songs such as 'Ticks.' "There's people who were offended by 'Ticks,' which is as harmless as can be. It was one of those fun, summertime, go out in the woods and offer to perform a service for someone things. But everything can be taken the wrong way ... if you can let the stuff roll off your back, you'll live a lot longer, and be happier for it."

And while he's perfectly (or imperfectly!) happy these days, Brad says there's a dream collaboration that would take him to an even higher stratosphere of bliss. "It's Eric Clapton. I've never even met him. If I say it enough, maybe he'll go, 'All right, fine. Shut up! I'll do it!'"

In terms of more long-terms goals, Brad says simply, "I hope I still have people's ears as long as I have things to say. There's a time that comes when you don't have their ear anymore. Eventually, that's coming, where they're going to be tired of me. A large fraction of people are probably saying, 'Yeah, I know, buddy. I'm already there right now.' But that's coming, and I just hope that I can stretch this out for a long time. I'm 10 years into this, and I feel like people are just discovering me in a large way right now."

Brad extends his successful American Saturday Night tour with added dates beginning early next year.