Brad Paisley says the five-minute movie short, 'While Mom's Away,' which was screened at the Nashville Film Festival this week, was never intended to be seen by a mass audience.

"It was made as a prank to be seen by my wife [actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley], the first time she left me and [son] Huck alone," Brad tells The Boot. "She left me this list of stuff to do while she was gone, and, of course, I followed her list. But I thought it would be funny to do this short movie about what we really did while she wasn't there."

The film shows Brad teaching Huck to shoot, ride a horse, drink and do just about anything any red-blooded American kid would do if his mother left him alone for a day with his father.

Brad applied the same techniques he has utilized in the past to do background videos for his concert screens, allowing his son to appear to be thrown from the horse, drink beer with his grandfather and careen down a hill in his baby carriage. "I thought it was very funny," says Kimberly. "Knowing Brad's sense of humor, I knew that he had not anything that I saw in the movie."

It was Huck's mom who eventually took the project from a home movie to a wider audience. "We showed it to some of Kimberly's friends who run the Sedona (Ariz.) Film Festival and they thought it was funny and wanted to show it there," says Brad. "Then the Nashville Film Festival asked to see it and they wanted to show it, so here we are."

While Brad admits it's not his ultimate goal to direct a film for the big screen, he and Kimberly might collaborate in some way on a future movie project. The singer also says his wife is looking at several scripts that she may direct, and he would love to have the opportunity to write music for film again. "I wrote two songs for 'Cars,' and I had the best time doing that," he notes.

"It's amazing when someone gives you a script and says, 'Write a song around this.' My songwriter friends and I sit around every time we get together and ask each other what we're going to write about. When you write for a movie, they give you the subject, you just write the song. That's the easy part."

Kimberly says she was amazed when she saw the short film Brad produced and how much time he put into it. "He has such an incredible heart and soul and he does nothing half way, and I'm always inspired by that."

'While Mom's Away' was shown Thursday (April 22), on the final night of the Nashville Film Festival. Brad and Kimberly walked the red carpet prior to its presentation.

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