Brad Paisley is up to his old tricks ... or should we say pranks? The superstar pulled a good one on tour opener Justin Moore in Fresno, Calif. last week.

One of Brad's crew guys went on stage during Justin's set wearing nothing but a big, sagging diaper, in honor of Justin's nearly two-week-old baby girl, Ella Kole. Not to be outdone, Justin took that same diaper and wore it on stage -- over his clothes, of course -- during Brad's encore song, 'Alcohol.'

But wait, there's more! Brad pranked both of his tourmates, Justin and Miranda Lambert, in Las Vegas on Saturday night (Feb.20). While Justin may be a bit short on stature, he makes up for it in personality and voice. So when he started performing his song 'I Could Kick Your Ass,' Brad sent out a few of his biggest guys, who are more than six feet tall, to stand next to Justin, looking down on him.

The second prank of the night occurred during Miranda's hit, 'White Liar.' During part of the song, Brad's video guys ran a slide show with photos showing Miranda's boyfriend, Blake Shelton, with other girls. Brad jokes on his tour blog, "They were all from his meet and greets, but it was very fitting with the song."

Brad may want to watch his back when the American Saturday Night tour resumes, since both Justin and Miranda have nearly two weeks to come up with ideas for a little payback. The trek -- sans diaper -- heads to Greenville, S.C. on March 4.